Academic Publication on TMA Community and Physician Journal

We have published our new work about evolution and medicine with Cem Muderrisoglu from Hacettepe University Medical School. The abstract and subscription opportunities of the paper is available on Turkish Medical Association Journal of Community and Physician web-site.

The Summary of the Paper

Medical  education  undergoes  a  change  including  its  scope,  quality  and  societal  expectations.  Evolutionary  medicine  covers  all  these  items  and  provides  a  holistic  perspective  that  is  important  to  medicine  students  and  doctors.  An  interdisciplinary  area  called
“physiopathology”  is  an  example  to  scrutinise  evolutionary  medicine  as  a  discipline  of  medicine.  Furthermore,  some  issues  related  to  the  relationship  between  as  a  concept  of  evolution  and  medicine  is  evaluated.  In  addition,  the  structure  of  medical  education  curriculum  and  the  position  of  evolution  are  explored.  Lastly,  some  suggestions  are  off  ered  to  make  evolution  a  part  of  medical  education  curriculum  by  referring  to  “Evolutionary  Medicine”  that  was  founded  by  medicine  students.

Turkish Medical Association web-site:

The new issue of the Journal:

Our Paper


2 thoughts on “Academic Publication on TMA Community and Physician Journal

  1. Hallo liebe Ellen,hast Du eine Idee, wie ich das Datum aus den Kommentaren entfernt beknime?Hmotergrund ist der, dass ich viel Evergreen Content auf meinem Blog habe – und es manchmal Menschen abschreckt zu kommentieren, wenn sie sehen, wie alt der Beitrag schon ist. (aus dem single hab ich das Datum schon raus.) Jetzt hängt es nur noch in den Kommentaren.DANKE! :-))Einen ganz lieben Gruss André


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