About Me

This is the informal biopage for my personal website. If you would like to get my professional curriculum vitae, please visit CV.

Necdet Ersoz


Name & Short Introduction 

I am Necdet Ersoz. I was born in Eskişehir, Turkey in 1994. I am a medical student, blogger, and author in Ankara, Turkey.

Research Objectives

To get more theoretical and practical information on the topics in which I am interested such as medical & social sciences, evolutionary medicine approaches, evolutionary theory of mind & behaviorsneuroscience, and human-related philosophical areas. Main research interests can be collected as logic, skepticism, evolution, and cognitive science.

To collect and use this knowledge for broadening the perspectives on “the human being”

Projects, Current Works, and Achievements

Founder and Principal of Popular Medicine Movement (Popüler Tıp, www.populertip.org) – November 2014 to present

The popular science organization that mainly focused on medical sciences. The objective of the study of the popular science on medicine is to provide both qualified and comprehensible Turkish scientific archive that is easily accessible on the Internet 

Founder and Director of Evolutionary Medicine Movement of Medical Students in Turkey (Evrimsel Tıp, www.evrimseltip.org) – April 2015 to present

The national scientific organization that is the first platform for the systematical study of evolution in medical sciences in Turkey. It promotes, supports, and provides the evolutionary biology learning & evolutionary medicine perspectives in medical faculties, publishes articles, and organizes academical events via School Societies (mentioned below)

Founder and President of Gazi University Faculty of Medicine Multidisciplinary Evolutionary Medicine Society (www.topluluklar.gazi.edu.tr/site/mgtt/en) – November 2015 to present

The group that is the first student society on evolutionary medicine in Turkey. It mainly organizes academical evolutionary medicine conferences, symposiums, and other scientific events. It is also focused on neuroscience, scientific skepticism, evidence-based medicine, integration of zoological literature and medicine, scientific method & publishing, and promoting critical thinking for medical students; so it gets the “multidisciplinary” character. 

Also blogger, writer, and editor for many other organizations.


Suleyman Demirel Science High School, Afyonkarahisar, Turkey (2008 – 2012)

Basic Sciences (Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology…)

Graduated with a good degree (~90/100) and university exam (~1.6K/2M people)

Gazi University College of Foreign Languages (2013 – 2014)

Basic & Medical English

 Gazi University Faculty of Medicine (English) (2014 – present)

Foreign Language


Reading & Writing: Advanced

Listening: Advanced

Speaking: Intermediate



Ottoman Turkish & Arabic


Daily Life Activities

Bicycle, Swimming, Chess & Go, Cooking & Gastronomy, Music

Contact Data


Frequently used contact address

+90 507 915 5367

WhatsApp number for invitations


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